The Little Veal Cutlet That Couldn't

Children's Books, Humor, Cooking, Food & Wine

By Ryan Forsythe

Publisher : Whole Wheat Books

ABOUT Ryan Forsythe

Ryan Forsythe
Ryan Forsythe is the author of the novel "Dick Cheney Saves Paris," published the same day as Dick Cheney's own novel--er, memoir, and of "The Little Veal Cutlet That Couldn't," a children's book for adults. Learn more at


When cow Betsy meets her fate at the slaughterhouse, her son lives on--at least until he ends up dinner at a posh country club. Illustrated by Cassie Hart.

Several years back, I wrote a novel titled "When Vegetarians Attack," which included a lot of visual material. One character writes a children's book, so I wanted to include the book (pictures, copyright page, etc.) in the novel. I even wanted a real ISBN, just in case anyone reading the book ever checked to see if the book-within-the-book was real. Of course, that meant publishing the children's book first. A friend of a friend put together some great illustrations, and voila. In the end, that novel remains somewhere in my computer files, but the children's book written for the novel now exists in the world. While living in Northern California, I took the book around to a few stores, several of which were nice enough to carry on consignment, such as Northtown Books in Arcata and Walgreen's in Crescent City. With the excitement now surrounding the "Go the F**k to Sleep" book, I thought now would be a good time to share my own children's book for adults. You can read the whole book now on fReado, not just an excerpt.

"the tragic tale of the sad fate of Betsy the cow and her son Jake... this humor has universal appeal and potentially serves as a point from which dialog around issues of vegetarianism and animal welfare can begin." -Mike Mannix, North Coast Journal, 26 March 2009