Aching To Be: A Girl's True Rock and Roll Story

Biographies & Memoirs

By Joyce Raskin

Publisher : Number One Fan Press

ABOUT Joyce Raskin

Joyce Raskin
I am a bass player for a band called Scarce, writer, and a painter.


Aching To Be is the true story of the band Scarce as told by its bass player Joyce Raskin . Destined for stardom and acclaimed by critics and fans alike Scarce was poised to become the new darlings of popular music in 1994. But one day Chick does not show up for practice and things begin to unwind. The events that follow leave Chick fighting for his life and puts the future of the band in doubt. This is not another rock and roll memoir, this is a real life story — blisters, guts, heartbreaks and all. With a special introduction by Everett True.
"This is an amazing book! As soon as it arrived in the post, I started reading and I couldn't put it down.

I bought this as a fan of Scarce and learned a lot I didn't previously know about the band. That said, I don't think it's just for Scarce fans - I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in music biographies.

If you're looking for the car-crash quality of a good rock 'n' roll biography, then this has it all (bar the all too predictable, premature death - although Chick's brain aneurysm comes pretty close).

Overall, I think the book is really well written (although there were a couple of typos) and Joyce's account is honest and raw"
Mandy Bang Bang, review on Amazon