Revelations - Osguards: Guardians of the Universe

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Malcolm Petteway

Publisher : Rage Books LLC

ABOUT Malcolm Petteway

Malcolm Petteway
Malcolm Dylan Petteway is a senior military analyst, a retired military officer and a twenty-year veteran of the United States Air Force. He flew B-52's as an Electronic Warfare Officer and has 3,000 flight hours and 300 combat hours. In his distinguished career, Malcolm has used his knowl More...


Descendants of a great king will rise from an uncivilized world and destroy the Kulusks. Whether prophecy or folklore, it compels Kie Ritchen, the Kulusk Maxum to release the deadly Terinolice Virus onto Millmum Capitol Station. The Osguards and all of Millmum Capitol Station are dying. Their only hope is Osguard 55, Juanita Genesis-Clark. She must leave her family on Earth and travel across the galaxy to get the one man who has the cure for the virus. Just one catch, he's on Kulusk. To further complicate matters, a deadly secret, born on Earth during the turn of the 20th Century, forces Juanita to take sides in a Kulusk civil war in order to save the legitimate heir to the Kulusk throne. Meanwhile on Earth, USSTAP's Stelana Rican and FBI Special Agent Anthony Musoto must track down the killer of Juanita's 5-year old cousin, unaware of the biological terror playing out in the heavens above them.

Founded by Malcolm Petteway, Rage Books LLC publishes science fiction, fantasy and horror. Malcolm published three books through Iuniverse between 2001 and 2004 while he was in the military. After retiring from the military, Malcolm looked to begin his writing career in earnest. James Barnes came on board as the chief editor and between the two of them they decided to release Malcolm’s literary agent and begin Rage Books. Malcolm and Jim saw Rage Books as a publisher of trade paperback books for the new and struggling writer with a unique story. With the aid of family and friends, Malcolm launched Rage Books with his first Osguard book, Homecoming in September of 2009. Since then, Malcolm has printed second editions of the second and third books, Revelations and Armageddon, and released the fourth book in the series Revenge. With these novels as the launch pad, Rage Books’ goal is to grow and eventually contend with other independent trade publishers of science fiction, fantasy and horror, like Tor, DAW and Baen publishing.

"Riveting. An enjoyable read from beginning to end and you'll love the strong characters as they fight to survive against great odds, against an enemy filled with vengeful hatred."
   —Tom Johnson,
Fading Shadows, Inc.

"Incredibly suspenseful!"
Judge, Writer's Digest's 11th Annual Self-Published Book Awards

“The characters are well developed, the social similarities between the Osguards' world and the present day United States is, as always, stunning. The story, while science fiction, feels so real, you must keep checking to make sure you remember it is only a story. I thoroughly enjoyed this Osguard book. It can stand-alone but will be more appreciated if the Osguard Homecoming is read first.”
   -- Reviewed by Alice Holman,
The RAWSISTAZ™ Reviewers Black Book Reviews

Osguards Rule!
In Osguard: Homecoming, the first book in a series of space adventures by Malcolm Dylan Petteway, we're introduced to an African American family descended from two slave sisters who came from a far off land...a land that happened to be on another planet called Chaktun. The sisters would survive the horrendous ordeal of American slavery and go on to found a vast interstellar alliance comprising sixty galaxies. The Osguards are the leaders of the Universal Science Security and Trade Association of Planets. This is the Star Wars' Empire on steroids. In fact Palpatine would have to think more than twice before even contemplating an attack on this multi-galaxy colossus.

We were also introduced to USSTAP's enemy, the Kulusk Empire, and its ambitious war mongering leader, Kie Ritchen. Battle lines were drawn in Book One and the two powers clashed in a war waged on many fronts, including Earth. In Osguards: Revelations, Malcolm's second installment, that war has taken a particularly deadly turn when Kie Ritchen launches a biological attack against USSTAP's capitol. The bioagent used in the attack threatens to wipe out USSTAP's command and control, leaving the organization wide open for annihilation at the hands of the Kulusks. Jaunita Genesis-Clark is the only Osguard not incapacitated by the agent. An antidote exists, but she must travel on a perilous journey to the very heart of the Kulusk Empire to obtain it. At the same time, she must deal with the murder of her young cousin on Earth and confront the estrangement of a jealous relative.

Malcolm switches seamlessly between Earth bound issues of violent crime on the streets of Shreveport, Louisiana and war and intrigue in far distant parts of the universe. The scope of this riveting tale is not limited to spatial. Malcolm takes us on a trip through time, back to the latter 19th century, 20 years after the ashes of the Civil War had settled. In a sustained flashback, we follow the heir to the Kulusk throne and his brother as they travel to Earth, sent by their father to eliminate the descendants of the Chaktun sisters. Here, Malcolm does a fantastic job of weaving science fiction and history, as he ties in the African American experience during post Reconstruction with the Kulusk brothers' murderous efforts to track down their quarry.

And then there is a 21st century U.S.president's unraveling attempt to contain the secret that is USSTAP. On top of that, USSTAP is faced with yet another threat...

There is a lot going on in Book Two. Malcolm has upped the ante and increased the stakes. Once again, the action is rapid and adrenaline-raising, the characters, rendered with fine strokes of depth, and the settings, wondrous. Another plus about Revelations, is its throwback appeal. It has a Golden Age science fiction quality that will definitely attract fans of that era as well the techno aspect that will draw in the Tom Clancy crowd. Osguards: Revelations is a must read. I fully expect Book Three to crank it up further.
  --Ronald T. Jones, Author
Chronicles of the Liberator

       In this addition to the Osguards saga (two others follow), we learn more of the history of the Osguards and their actions on Earth during the Civil War and a police investigation in the present. This is going on as Kie Ritchen of the Kulusk has released a virus on Millmum Capitol Station.

            It is up to Juanita Genesis-Clark to find the one person with the cure - and he is on the Kulusk home world. Juanita discovers events hidden at the turn of the century and while concerned with the FBIs search for her 5 year old cousin's killer on Earth, must choose sides in the Kulusk civil war.

            Petteway seems at his best writing about the events on Earth and fills it with historical accuracy and makes it interesting. The characters are all well drawn and interesting and will draw you into the story and create interest in the following titles, ARMAGEDDON and REVENGE. Check out for all the details.

Barry Hunter

--Baryon Review