Credo's Legacy

ABOUT Alison Naomi Holt

Alison Naomi Holt
Alison Holt writes what she knows. Her stories reflect the twenty years she spent as an officer moving through the ranks of the Tucson Police Department. During her career, she worked patrol to investigations, commanded undercover units and riot control squads and trained as a hostage nego More...


Set in the lush deserts and barrios of Tucson, Arizona, Detective ALEXANDRA WOLFE returns in this intricate, interwoven story of deception, hidden agendas, and the occasional murder, punctuated with episodes of laughter and humanity. A sexy Mafia boss, a brassy eleven-year-old accused of murdering her foster father, and of course, Alex’s best friend Megan unite to make sure chaos still reigns supreme in Alex’s life.
     Alex has kept herself out of trouble for a record three months when her friend, Gianina Angelino, the head of the Angelino Mafia Family, asks her to do a favor. The favor centers around a life-changing event that happened when Gia was nineteen. A rival mafia family had kidnapped her twin brother, Credo, and then had him executed as she watched in helpless horror. Unbeknownst to the Angelino family, Credo had fathered an illegitimate child shortly before he was murdered.
     Now eleven-year-old Shelley Greer has murdered her foster father, whom she alleges tried to rape her. Child Protective Services has located some papers naming Credo as the girl’s grandfather, which makes Gia her great aunt. Gia has ordered DNA testing on the girl to prove paternity, but meanwhile, she has asked Alex to discreetly monitor the homicide investigation to make sure everything is done correctly. 
     Correctly? Hardly. And now Alex has to sort out the truth from the fiction before several lives, including her own, are lost in the balance.