Thief Creek

General Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers

By Jeremy Soldevilla

Publisher : Christopher Matthews Publishing

ABOUT Jeremy Soldevilla

Jeremy Soldevilla
After a career as a Boston publisher, Jeremy Soldevilla moved to Montana with his wife, Melissa and their two dogs. They owned and operated a bed and breakfast in Bozeman, where between making beds and breakfasts, skiing and fishing, he began writing novels. Thief Creek is the first of  More...


Ohio newlyweds Steve and Heather have been looking forward to their honeymoon in a rustic bed and breakfast. Nestled in the remote Rocky Mountains of Montana the Thief Creek Inn seems just the place to relax and enjoy the peaceful and wildly beautiful surroundings.The violent Toomey brothers, on the run after their escape from prison, are looking for a secluded hideaway as well. Butch, the lumbering tattooed harelip murderer; Jesse James Toomey, the cruel leader of the gang; and JP are desperately trying to save the life of their younger brother, Tommy, when an accident brings them to the Thief Creek Inn. Innkeeper Mike Preston is a peaceful man who, with his wife, Annie, a nurse, bought the inn as a retreat from their stressful lives in Seattle. Life suddenly changes for everyone at the Thief Creek Inn.

I used to own and run the Silver Forest Inn bed and breakfast in the Rocky Mountains of Montana. I love writing about Montana, and this story takes place in a remote Montana B&B which resembles the SFI. Fortunately, we never had a tattooed, hair-lipped escape convict and his desperate brothers for guests like the innkeeper in Thief Creek did.

"I spent the last two evenings hanging on tight in Thief Creek. Great job! The pace was fast and fantastic, the action non-stop, and the characters were convincing -- likable where they were meant to be and despicable when they weren't. Well done!"
 A. Haar   

"I really enjoyed the book. I could easily envision the setting, the imagery, the characters etc. There were a number of twists and the book moved along at a crisp pace."

T. Clough

"I was determined to save Thief Creek for my upcoming vacation - a coveted time for a novel to entertain me - but when the attractively packaged paperbound arrived, complete with a really appealing cover and very intriguing back cover copy - I opened the book and read the first page. I was hooked. 

Author Jeremy Soldevilla's debut novel grabs you from the start and keeps you reading until the last page. In fact, I finished it in two sittings, needing to find out what was going to happen to the well-developed characters I could picture from the obviously carefully selected words on each page. (I love it when I can see what the author has envisioned, and this novel does that throughout. I know what these people look like; I have a glimpse into their thoughts and lives.) 

I don't want to give up the plot. Suffice it to say that you'll want to discover it yourself. You will follow these characters on a wild ride that all takes place in one Big Sky Montana day. 

Buy Thief Creek. Enjoy it. And then look forward to another new book from this incredibly expressive author, Jeremy Soldevilla. I will."

C. Boyer

"Actions make the person; not their appearance.

Newlyweds Steve and Heather Kimble are on their honeymoon. Their destination is nestled in the forested mountains of Montana; the Thief Creek Inn. But in the nearby town of Lame Elk a storm is brewing. No, not a storm that blows in on the wind but one that drives into town in a stolen Mustang. Butch, Tommy, JP and Jesse – the Toomey brothers - escaped from the local prison and are now on the run. Their road to freedom takes them right to the front door of the Thief Creek Inn. In ‘Thief Creek,’ we see, first hand, the collision between the desire to escape and the need to survive.

‘Thief Creek’ delves into the confidence and insecurities of mankind. From Heather’s inner strength to Mike’s low self-esteem each character brings a unique set of flaws and strengths to the story. Set in the surreal landscape of Montana ‘Thief Creek’ is a nonstop thrill ride of action and adventure on the surface but deep within the pages of this story is a character study of human needs and desires.

Will the devastation left behind by the Toomey brothers be stopped? Will Steve and Heather end up victims as all the others who cross the path of the Toomey’s?

From the first word, Jeremy Soldevilla weaves a colorful tapestry with rich settings, strong plot and believable characters. With each passing page, it is virtually impossible not too fear for Steve and Heather as they strive to survive. However, the more you read the more you discover the connections shared with the inner demons of the Toomey brothers.


Jeremy displays his intimate knowledge of Montana through his descriptions of small town life, weather patterns, wildlife and the seclusion of the forest. To sharpen the stories believability and hold true to characters he interviewed the local law enforcement on the protocols used to apprehend escaped convicts. This knowledge and research adds a refreshing layer to the story. I applaud his effort to go the extra mile while preparing his story. 

Author Jeremy Soldevilla’s debut novel ‘Thief Creek’ delivers an action packed adventure. I recommend this novel for adventure seekers who enjoy humor, action and a pinch of romance. One thing is certain; the Thief Creek Inn will never be the same."   

Brian Knight

"What do you have when you mix Montana wilderness, four desperate convicts on the run, a newlywed couple vacationing at an isolated B & B, and law enforcement combing the woods for cold-blooded killers? Answer: The Thief Creek chiller/thriller that will have you reaching for your pepper spray and tranquilizers, all in one motion. Soldevilla, has launched a novel fresh, adventuresome, unpredictable and unnerving as Montana weather. He shows no mercy with his special brand of suspense as he hog-ties the reader's guts into granny-knots.  His characters continue to prowl around in your mind, long after you have laid this novel down on the nightstand.  Don't expect to fall asleep, at least not right away.  When you do, Thief Creek still may meander through your dreams." 

Dr. Frank Seitz, author of Behavioral Medicine Made Ridiculously Simple; The Collar: In his Likeness; The Collar: The Musical