Ethan Earthworm Teases Birds

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By Betty Cain

Publisher : Createspace

ABOUT Betty Cain

Betty Cain
Betty Ward Cain is a published author, musician and retired teacher. She is listed in the Cambridge who’s who.  Mrs. Cain taught kindergarten students for 30 years.  She comes from a long line of ministers, musicians, teachers and song writers.Mrs. Cain grew up in a minister’s home. More...


Ethan, the earthworm, is unlike other worms who
stay underground a lot. Ethan loves adventure and
being outdoors. He also loves to tease birds. It
drives the birds crazy. Just when they think they
have a nice meal, Ethan finds a way to get away
from them. He loves to pop up and down from a
hole in the ground to tease them.
There is one bird that Ethan meets who changes
his life. Ethan is a Good Samaritan and rescues
Tweaky who is stuck in a flower. This was a
turning point for Ethan. Tweaky teaches Ethan
how to be a Good Samaritan and friend. The two
unlikely characters become best friends. Read
their story. Sing their song, “Be a Good Samaritan.”  

Tweaky has other stories about helping children.
Some are based on familiar Bible stories. Tweaky
loves getting to know children and helping them
out. Start a collection of Tweaky Books today.

We launched a contest for "name the new Tweaky character" and Ethan won the contest. He wanted a book about Ethan the earthworm named after himself.