The Syndicate

ABOUT Jeriel Ng

Jeriel Ng
Jeriel Ng was born in Singapore and later grew up in Alabama, where he got his start in fiction. As a high schooler, he wrote and published his first novels, The Syndicate and Moonlight Metropolis.


As human beings, we all have the natural tendency to assume our actions are right, but that is not necessarily always the case. We all tend to act before thinking. Like most, Damien Knox finds himself in situations he must deem either moral or immoral.

What makes Damien’s situation even more demanding are the two forces that drive his decisions: his peers in the Syndicate and the Bastion, revolutionary factions formed under the new ruling of Chancellor Hagan. Collectively, each member of both groups must work alongside each other to take down the corrupted usurper.

A large revolution soon breaks out, but tensions increase and conflicts erupt between the Syndicate and the Bastion as they continue to stand up for their beliefs. Whether they can or cannot co-exist together to put down a common enemy is their own decision. And ultimately, it determines their own fate. Will they succeed, or will the city of New Valley fall victim to the new administration of Hagan?