No More Words, Bill

Biographies & Memoirs

By Bill Kern

Publisher : CreateSpace

ABOUT Bill Kern

Bill Kern
Looking back on my life, I realize that I never really had a plan. I had interests and passions that I've given myself the time to chase after, with some success. Although my formal education was limited, my curiosity has driven my ongoing learning. Quite often, throughout my life, I have More...


This book is a memoir. Bill's awe, enthusiasm and optimism continually come through as the book insightfully covers, in many amusing and heartfelt stories, the past 70 years of his ever-changing, colorful life.


This is a book of bits and pieces that can be opened to any page and read with a sense of completion. It is heartwarming, personal and thought-provoking. It is a must-read for anyone who may be inspired by an independent man’s simple, graceful journey of his life and thoughts. Enjoy.

Bill Kern has lived a quiet life of rich experiences. From teaching tennis while improving his own game to selling timeshares in the Canary Islands, he has effortlessly recognized and seized every interesting, alluring and lucrative opportunity that crossed his path. And he’s written them down in an extremely palatable, easily digestible smorgasbord of bits and pieces, No More Words, Bill. Beginning, naturally, at "Beginnings", Bill writes with honesty, wit and a unique conversational style of his memories of growing up in an Irish-American household. From the account of his bonding with his tiny but mighty “Nana” to the generosity and kindness of the local sheriff, Bill shares the upbringing and events that helped shape his young life. He discovers his disdain of labels and refuses to be put in a box. His philosophy of “living on the rim” will define the rest of his life. Bill traces his journey to find his passion and his talents. After his early career as a tennis instructor in Florida Bill opened The Yoga Center in West Palm Beach, when the popularity of yoga in America was just taking root. He also discovered his intuition and skill at real estate investing, which he would pursue for the next several decades. During this time he married for the first and only time. Ten years later, after rediscovering bachelorhood, Bill was free to jump on the opportunity to sell time-shares in the Canary Islands. It was during this time that he realized what it took to be an award-winning salesperson and went on to train hundreds of others in the new field of resort living.While never a womanizer,Bill indulged in his romantic side, writing with sassy, sexy honestyof his desire to meet the woman who would strike the perfect chord inside him. Upon returning to the states, Bill bought a used camper and hit the road. In Present he writes of finding the quiet place he can settle in andcall home.He found several, loved them all, and bought houses along the way. His love of small towns led him to settle in Durango, Sedona, and finally Ashland, Oregon. After settling in Ashland,Bill maintained his active lifestyle, playing tennis, hiking and maintaining his properties. “No More Words, Bill” is a gentle, engaging memoir. It is easy to read. It is inspiring in a way that provokes thought and movement. It is a joy to read this independent man’s understated wisdom in his stories and thoughts as he journeys through life.