Trust Me Book 2 - Veiled Deception

Romance, Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction

By Amy Romine

Publisher : Extasy Books

ABOUT Amy Romine

Amy Romine
My name is Amy Romine and I am in love with love! The passionate embrace,  the hungry kiss, the heated whisper, the groan of lust and the cries of romantic bliss! I am a Romantic Suspense writer which means my characters never have it easy. I make them work for their deepest emotional an More...


She had become his prey.  His plaything.  The one he desired the most, but someone wanted her more.

Her resilience fading, Rebecca fights to remain strong against the man trying to destroy her mind and her life.  Without the solace of Eric’s arms, Rebecca’s will to recover from the relentless blows wanes as she begins to break. Eric, forced to face his own choices, races to end the nightmare before the woman he loves is completely torn apart.

Just when they think the worst is over, the game, and the stakes change.

This is the continuation of Trust Me Book 1 - Serenity Lost. It is book Two out of three and where our characters enter darker times. Decisions are made, horrors are realized and the unthinkable happens. I love bring you to the edge of your seat and making you wonder if there is going to be a happy ending. Book two is a train racing down the track. Hop on, it is a wild ride!


A physotic stalker - killer is on the loose, teasing Rebecca tanting her and sending her into a depth she never wanted to find. She is on the run for her life, every corner she turns he has been their. A love triange, thrills and turns , unexpected events leaving you unsure of where this story is headed. Rebecca's life is torn upside down, she is being stalked and harrased by a serial killer and still no one knows why. She is put into protective care where Eric watchers her, protects her but can he leave his heart where it is? Loyalties are tested, love is challenged and the mystery still unsolved as to why.

Amy has created a world of twists and turns, a roller coaster ride sending you to a peak then to roll back down to find more mystery and suspense. A compelling story of courage and determination, horror and sadness, and love is defined.

The story runs smoothly, no lags no stops where you felt you were bored, an uphill rollercoaster, filled with suspense , murder, mystery and intrigue. Character development was present, new characters introduced, and face paced action. Romance was * hawt* and sensual, yet electricfying, realistic and mushy but all the right way ! I love a good love story - thriller >> It was like watching a movie. !

Book 2 comes to a sudden halt !!! Your left wandering what is going to happen next, I'm so glad the next book is out in two days I don't think I could last I'm waiting with eager anticipation !!!

A great read !! Romantic thriller filled with all luscious goodies yet filled with that perfect amount of excitement and thrills.- Katrina Whitaker, Page Flipperz

It just kept going. She picks up right where book one leaves off and she doesn't let go until the last page. I just love the couple, Rebecca and Eric. You can feel how much they love each other. I haven't been this excited about a book or a series in a long time. There is not one page I don't love. Amy Romine packs it all in and makes it unbelievable, and impossible to put down. - Taram, Goodreads

Read it, I highly recommend it.

Book 2 - Like the middle of any three act play there is darkness in the middle. This is a dark section of the story with loss, ramifications that must be faced and pain. However, Ms Romine shows that if you are with the one you love you can make it through it all. You can tell she loves this tale as she has so carefully crafted the weaving of suspense and romance. She brings them both forth proudly equal, and even leaves us panting between the sheets at times. A perfect book two in a trilogy. Magnificent yet again! - Jeanie, Goodreads

Ms. Romine has wowed me again with her generous way of spinning a suspenseful story of a villain who refuses to be stopped.  Let me say here that I was not disappointed at all. Looking for a good book? I say read and enjoy.
--Literary Nymphs

Amy truly takes you on a ride with this fast paced, mystery/romance thriller that has so many twists and turns that when you think you figured it out - something else happens. --Writers Vibe

You can tell she loves this tale as she has so carefully crafted the weaving of suspense and romance. She brings them both forth proudly equal, and even leaves us panting between the sheets at times. --Katrina's Inferno