Trust Me Book 3 - Jaded Promises

Romance, Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction

By Amy Romine

Publisher : Extasy Books

ABOUT Amy Romine

Amy Romine
My name is Amy Romine and I am in love with love! The passionate embrace,  the hungry kiss, the heated whisper, the groan of lust and the cries of romantic bliss! I am a Romantic Suspense writer which means my characters never have it easy. I make them work for their deepest emotional an More...


Eric Stiles has everything to lose and no matter how hard he fights he can feel his life slipping away.

Rebecca Gailen thinks that the love of her life is dead and only the vigor of revenge keeps her fighting to survive.

When a secret reveals more than anyone expected, it changes Eric and Rebecca’s lives forever. The devastating truth puts the couple at odds. Can they overcome their clashing conclusions and learn to trust each other again? Or will they let it rip them apart?

This is the final book in the Trust Me Series, Jaded Promises brings us to the edge and then back again. All questions answered, a few surprises and a thrill a minute to the very shocking end!

** spoiler alert ** Rebecca Gailen thinks the love of her life is dead, and the only thing keeping her going is her revenge for him and to get through the living hell she has been in - To escape and survive.
Eric is alive and wandering where his life is going, his new life is crumbling beneath him, will it get swept away, amongst the turmoil and destruction in his path to be able to live the life he never knew he wanted.

A secret is revealed, a mind blowing discovery that will change Rebecca and Eric’s life forever. Who can she trust, where can she go and who can she turn to ? Is blood thicker than water ?

Rebecca is kidnapped by the men who want the mysterious locket, the men behind the phsyco that made her life hell- her life is in danger, she is beaten and tortured and abused she stands her ground and her will is to survive.

Eric her knight in shining amour is out to find his love of his life, no matter where she is he will find her and save her from this hell she has been through. Rebecca struggles on; to find out who wants her dead and why- and why- this mysterious necklace is ruining her life.

Wow!! Is all I can say, Jaded Promises is a fantastic ending to the trust series. It is filled with mystery, murder, family, trust, luscious sex and lies and keeps you gripping your seat to the very end. It’s filled with twists and turns you would never have imagined and keeps you guessing the whole time. I was blown away by the revelations that became about. Gob smacked I might say you would call it!! I was kept intrigued throughout the entire story, rapt and drawn into this whirlwind of events. The twists and turns I never expected, the suspense almost killed me... I was taken aback by the dramatic disclosure and events that became about - thinking oh my gosh!!!! NO !!!! I did not expect this- I enjoyed this book not being predictable as it defiantly was not!

I was still mesmerized by the love in which Eric and Rebecca still held onto through all there dilemmas. The love was sensual, lustful and magical. The sex was hot yet classy and their feelings well described. They went to the end of the earth and back and love still conquered and found its way!!
Eric ** heart throb** was definitely my ideal knight in shining amour, always there for Becca , the emotions realistic as in every day life. I found the emotions realistic and very genuine... I enjoyed the way in which Amy showed the feelings, it was like poetry.

Rebecca’s character I enjoyed she had her moments but still stuck to her kick arse red head attitude ** FIERY AND STRAIGHT FORWARD AND INDEPENDENT ** I enjoyed her tough exterior immensely but also liked the fact that she was only human and had her moments, very real and emotional, I felt I was there at certain parts, I was feeling torn with her. One can only take so much -This being Realistic in everyday life once again.
Overall the storyline was fluent, face paced, and smooth, the dialogue flowing and the storyline consistent and never lacking a dull moment. I could just not put the book down! New characters were introduced and past books and information all flowed from book one through to book 3. Mild sex scenes very beautiful and sensual - the sex does not overtake the storyline, just gives it that little bit of excitement very sensual and thrilling.
Overall a powerful thriller with that lush and sensual romance entwined......
I am sad to see this series end but I did not feel the story was left hanging Amy ended it with everything concluded and not that feeling that you thought something was missing. - Katrina Whitaker, Page Flipperz

Detective Eric Stiles can’t believe that he is about to lose the one woman who has stolen his heart and regardless of what he does, it feels as she’s slipping away from him. He knows that he has to find the people who kidnapped Rebecca quickly, because she could be very close to death in the hands of the villains.

Rebecca Gailen is a strong willed person and carries the weight of the world on her shoulders. She has a younger sister, Lucy, to care for and they are at odds from time to time. Lucy showed a different side of herself to others than she did to her big sister and imagine Rebecca’s surprise to learn a few secrets about herself and her little sister. Rebecca becomes explosive with anger later, when dealing with her feelings of denial about how she could have done things better.

Jaded Promises is the third book in the Trust Me series and is just as captivating as the first two books. This story continues immediately from the last story with Rebecca and Lucy being held against their will and certain truths come to light for some of the main characters involved. At one time or another I wanted to shake Rebecca for her trying to handle everything thrown at her.


Eric is still the strong impressive man, who never realized how much he needed Rebecca and she is his rock. Rebecca should have trusted Eric more, but since she had to stand on her own so long, it’s hard to let someone else help.

Ms. Romine has written another spell binding, well plotted story of murder, deceit, and distrust. I always love a good suspense/paranormal story, and this one had me on the edge wondering how it would end.

- Literary Nymphs

In this book, Rebecca thinks Eric is dead. She's been kidnapped by a psycho and the only thing keeping her alive is the thought of getting revenge that keeps her going through the hell she's going through.
She's being beaten, tortured and abused but her fiery attitude gives her the will to stay strong even though
As for Eric, his whole world is tumbling down, looking for Rebecca, not knowing where she is or how she is feeling. It's simply driving him crazy. Since she came into his life she became a part of him, and he can't imagine his life without her now. So he would wreck havoc for her.
And will turn every rock to find her. What ever it may take her will do.
Then they learn something about Rebecca's sister that will shock Rebeca terribly.
Is blood thicker then water?
In this series you see Eric standing by Rebecca's side through thick and thin always, never leaving it. I enjoyed that very much. Also I enjoyed Rebecca's character mainly because of her strong personna and fiery attitude but also because she could lean on Eric at certain times. I appreciated that also.
There were some sexy sex scenes in this book but not too many just too add some passion once in a while,
and I enjoyed that. All in all it was a great thriller with some passion in it.
With the last book we could say that Amy ended the series very well with everything concluded and I sensed that nothing was missing at all.
I enjoyed very much this series. and I give it a 5 stars. - Nathalie Brault, Book Eternity

Goodreads -

book 3 - Here is where it all counts, right? Here is where it all matters, if you can't finish it to the readers expectations you will fail. In my humble opinion, not only does Romine, summarily and effectively wrap up the trilogy, she surpasses the thought with an amazing twist NO ONE saw coming! By far the best trilogy I have read in years! Buy them all and get ready for a great ride! Brilliant, cannot wait to see your next release, Amy. You have a devout fan. A review I saw of the book (which made me read it) was that it brought the author back to the roots of why she loves to read! Can't give any high praise than that! (I think I saw it on Readers Recommends)- Jeanie

I was so terrified I was going to me disappointed, I really wanted the book to end the way I wanted and not leave me hanging. IT DID! Totally fulfilling, totally awesome. I am going to reread all three from start to finish in a marathon that is how much I loved it! Amy has a new book out and I am chomping at the bit for it to be released on Kindle!!!! Ahhgg! - Taram