Tell Me About Easter, Aunt Lou

ABOUT Rachel Jeanette Hall Stolle

Rachel Jeanette Hall Stolle
Rachel  Jeanette Hall Stolle was born and raised in a little town called Jefferson, in North East Texas.  As soon as she was born, God never left her side.  He guided her through economic hardships, sexual abuse by a distant family member, an attempted kidnapping turned carjacking, an More...



Tell Me About Easter, Aunt Lou aims to help parents bridge the gap between the secular and religious symbols used to celebrate the Easter season. This book charmingly shares the message of love and salvation offered to each of us by the perfect offering, Jesus Christ, while also explaining the traditions of eggs, bunnies and Easter goodies.

But mommy, why did Jesus have to die?

Aunt Lou's Kitchen‎
"Aunt Lou's kitchen wraps kids in an Easter story that is as sweet and welcoming as the scent of those famous chocolate chip cookies, just waiting for youngsters to drop by."
-- Lisa Wingate, National Bestselling Author of Larkspur Cove and Dandelion Summer