Why Do Our Loved Ones Die, Aunt Lou?

ABOUT Rachel Jeanette Hall Stolle

Rachel Jeanette Hall Stolle
Rachel  Jeanette Hall Stolle was born and raised in a little town called Jefferson, in North East Texas.  As soon as she was born, God never left her side.  He guided her through economic hardships, sexual abuse by a distant family member, an attempted kidnapping turned carjacking, an More...



The third book in the Aunt Lou's Kitchen book series, "Why Do Our Loved Ones Die, Aunt Lou?" is a Christian children's book written for those who are experiencing or have experienced grief from the loss of a loved one. This book helps to explain why people and pets pass away. This book also offers comfort to the reader with the truth that believers will be reunited with their loved ones in Heaven. This book offers a heart-warming biblically based description of Heaven while also offering the comfort and hope of everlasting life with Jesus to the grieving child