Moore Than Meets The Eye

Moore Than Meets The Eye

ABOUT Christina Fifield-Winn

Christina Fifield-Winn
Christina Fifield-Winn is a freelance writer of articles and short stories when she's not training others in the art of Market Research. Her day job has led her to places that few of us know exist. Worlds where eccentricity is the norm and even sometimes embraced.
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A model and a mom, Joanna Moore spends much of her time in the spotlight.
All of her life, she's been described as exquisite, hot, and eye candy, but she's hardly ever recognized for being human underneath her beautiful exterior.
Benny is a sloppy, balding, fat, homosexual man who's humanity is very much at the forefront of his existence. He's often criticized, but rarely cared for.
In the second installment of the "Coffee Break Series", CF Winn tells the tale of a day in the life of two very different characters.
Joanna, the single mother of a child with Asperger's, struggles to make good choices. Will her past continuously infect her present, or will she successfully learn the lessons she's presented with?
Benny, a photographer who has reached a bump in his career and his relationship, strives to fix what is broken. His high strung demeanor is a front for conflicted emotions he works hard to keep under control.
Their lives are intertwined on many levels.
CF Winn takes us on a journey that moves us into the realization that we are all connected no matter our differences. "Moore Than Meets the Eye" is documentation that we are never completely as we appear to be, and often times, neither are our circumstances.

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