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Rebecca Ryals Russell
Rebecca Ryals Russell has just recently developed a craving for Hazelnut coffee around 9pm every night. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact she stays up until 2am writing, or doing promo/marketing for her many upcoming books over the next couple of years (seven to date through Jun More...


At 15 Myrna was attacked by demons. At 17 she was sent to kill them, with the help of six other teenaged Vigorios. Myrna Watts was looking forward to graduation from high school in Jacksonville, Fl. Instead she is transported to a bizarre and primal planet corrupted by demon-dragons and filled with monsters. And they want her dead. Her problem? She has been recruited to kill them, too. But are the romantic advances of three warriors demonic distraction or real love? How will she know in time?

Odessa is the first book in a series that took nearly 30 years to bring to the page. After stops and starts over the years, between career and raising children, the story changed until it is what came out in six months time of marathon writing. The result was Odessa and the second book, Harpies, due out January 2012.

--4.5 stars  Wow, I just love being transported to another world. Nicole at Books Complete Me

--4 stars  The world Rebecca Ryals Russell created is a very interesting one. It has steam punk elements, with a Victorian twist. It also had supernatural elements, and mythology played a big part. One of the things I liked most was that Rebecca made the supernatural and mythology elements her own. She gave dragons, one of my favorite mythological creatures, an interesting twist.  Aquaflame64  at Night Owl Reviews

--4 stars  Lovers of fantasy are generally big on whether or not the world that is built in a new story is vivid and sticks to its own rules. Rebecca Ryals Russell definitely fills those two requirements! Dracwald has an amazing back story that emerges as you read on, and the landscape that is shared with the reader is written in gorgeous detail. As the entourage make their way across thick, dark jungles and bleak, desolate plains, the world of Dracwald opens up beautifully. The darkness that has surrounded the land oozes off the page. I was so happy! A new fictional place to fall in love with.  Jessica at Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile