A Rasta Cat & Cat-O-nine Tale...Pussy Overboard

Children's Books

By Sala-d Malcolm

Publisher : Sal Mal Productions

ABOUT Sala-d Malcolm

Sala-d Malcolm
Talent manager, Author and Blogger.



Two cats who are best friends living in the Caribbean have a wild adventure on their way to and at the beach one hot summer day.

A rip roaring adventure featuring best friends Rasta Cat and Cat-O-nine. One hot summer day they set out for the beach to enjoy the caribbean breeze and escape the heat. On the way they almost become dog food for a mad dog. They are almost run over by cars and trucks. They come close to being whipped by an angry cyclist and they are hit by a big stinky from a garbage truck.That was only the begining as the real adventure was to take place when they got to the beach.