The Season of Lost Children

General Fiction

By Karen Blomain

Publisher : Pearlsong Press

ABOUT Karen Blomain

Karen Blomain
Poet, translator, playwright and novelist Karen Blomain holds an MFA from Columbia University, A university professor, she has conducted multi-genre writing workshops around the world. Ms. Blomain is married to the writer/photographer Michael Downend. They have nine children and fifteen gr More...



In a small college town in Pennsylvania the lives of a bigamist's wife, a Polish orphan, an ex-priest and his wife -- a former nun -- and a mute teenage runaway intersect. The Season of Lost Children explores the question of what constitutes family and finds that the answer is often closer than we think, if only we look with and within our hearts.

Although The Season of Lost Children can be enjoyed alone, it is partn of The Fenston Trilogy, which traces fifty years of the interwoven lives and friendship of three women in a bucolic Pennsylvania college town. While The Season of Lost Children focuses on the life of the eccentric former nun, Eleanor Roderi, A Trick of Light chronicles the heartbreaking discovery and redemption of Hattie Darling, the only daughter of the town's first family. Pearlsong Press will also publish From: Oz, which recounts the exploits of Fenston's shopkeeper, Athena Westcott, and her late life affair with...well, you'll have to read it to find out.