Muse: a Still Life companion

ABOUT Jodi Lapalm

jodi lapalm
Wife. Mother. Cancer Survivor. Martini Enthusiast. Somewhere amid the craze of volunteering, school events, sports activities, household duties, and social networking, JODI LAPALM finds time to write. Her stories often explore psychological turmoil within her characters and highlight conte More...



In this follow-up to Still Life, Julia has finally made the decision to live in the heart of the North Carolina mountains with her son Blake and new love Gabriel. It is there she places the finishing touches upon a fictional, yet disturbingly personal, account of her time in London. Yet as the struggle to write of her past adds to an already difficult transition, she and Gabriel-a painter-find themselves separated by a mutual need to create. Their subsequent retreat into a life fabricated solely on paper and canvas brings isolated comfort and severe disconnect from each other and the world beyond. Will the distance prove too great with every stroke of the pen and brush? Or can the very art that divides them also help to heal?