ABOUT Robbi Bryant

Robbi Bryant
Robbi Sommers Bryant's published works include 4 novels, 5 short story collections and 1 book of poetry. Her work has been published in magazines including Readers Digest, Redbook, Cupido and  Penthouse. Her writing is also included in several anthologies and books of poetry. A  More...



How well do you know yourself? If forced to either face your inner demons—escaping with a secured, inner peace or complete emotional ruin — how would you fare? They dwell in all of us. They watch us from our shadows. They ride us—oh, yes, they do—whispering in our ears, tempting us with our own darkness. In the end, many succumb. And you?


The Beautiful Evil takes readers into one woman’s journey through a dark, personal hell in the pursuit of passion, hope and serenity. Written for fans of psychological thrillers and noir fiction lovers, The Beautiful Evil takes in the life of Constance Sartone Jacobson.


Scarred by the death of her father at a young age, Constance is a heartbroken child with no place to turn for emotional support. Any discussion regarding her father’s mysterious, final days and his scandalous death are forbidden by her cold and distant mother, Madeline.


Her adult life, however, proves to be just as passionless and controlled. Emotionally bereft, Constance believes her life will stay this way forever, until a trip to an antique store changes everything.


Constance buys an antique Greek vase and when she opens it, she inadvertently releases evil forces into her humdrum daily life. A tribe of small, wasp-like creatures escapes, offering Constance a way out. Desperate to feel anything, Constance makes all the wrong decisions, spiraling her into a world of untrustworthy men, illegal drugs and murder. Constance finds herself staring into the abyss, forced to make one, final heart-rending decision if she is to find peace.


The Beautiful Evil seeks to offer readers a captivating thriller that will keep them questioning reality until the final ultimate act.