Retishella and Pirate Cool

ABOUT Linda Bond

Linda Bond
I am a primary school teacher and mother of 3, I live in Somerset in the UK.I am the author of adventure books about Retishella mermaid: Retishella and the Dolphins, Retishella and the Pocket Shell, Seeley and the Grantuff, and the 4th adventure Retishella and Pirate Cool. 



"Ghastly pulled him around to look him square in the

face. “So, boy, tell me where you found this thing,” he

leant close to Cool and shoved the comb before his eyes.

“I found it on the beach,” answered Cool, “This morning

out in the bay by the seaweed-covered rock.”

When Retishella mermaid loses her comb it seems like

the end of the world. She is banished from her family and

friends until she finds it again.

She discovers it has been picked up by a press-ganged

pirate boy called Coolihan Barrat, known as Cool. He is

desperate to escape the harsh pirate life dominated by

Captain Jellycoe Jack and his single-minded mission to

find treasure, no matter what the cost.

Cool befriends Retishella, but when pirate Garston

'Ghastly' Bones gets hold of Retishella's comb and

refuses to return it, Retishella finds herself rubbing up

against the dreaded Cheerless Witch.

Retishella and Pirate Cool is the fourth of Retishella's

adventures which began with Retishella and the

Dolphins, Retishella and the Pocket Shell and Seeley

and the Grantuff.Front cover illustration

by Nicola Porter

This story sees Retishella mermaid meet Pirate Cool. I wanted to be able to make some direct comparisons between the mermaid world and the world of humans. And I wanted to explore ideas of understanding and tolerance across boundaries - or not, as the case may be!