Bloom's Desk

ABOUT Jeffrey Littorno

Jeffrey Littorno
I have always been a writer
whether it was in school or
at work.  It has only been in
the last few years that
I have run out of excuses for not
throwing myself into my writing. 
My first novel, Bloom's Desk,
was published in April,
and I am More...


It all started with the voices inside his head...
Glen Davis, a young, enthusiastic teacher at a Northern California high school, finds his life intertwined with the spirit of a long-dead serial killer. As Davis fights to regain his freedom from the grip of the dead, he is forced to confront many questions. Not the least of which are questions regarding his own sanity.

As most readers have noticed, my life shares some distinct similarities with that of my main character Glen. This definitely doesn't please my Korean wife Gye Yeol. However, as I keep assuring her, I simply ignore any voices that I hear inside my head.

Reviewed By Chelsea Perry

Bloom’s Desk is a taut suspense thriller. In his surprisingly riveting tale, author Jeffrey Littorno takes the reader on a twisted, disturbing ride through the darkest recesses of the human psyche. As he makes his long, tortuous descent into near-madness, readers are sure to find themselves equally compelled regarding the ultimate fate of Glen’s vicious internal battle. As such, Littorno succeeds in drawing you in to a well-crafted, suspense-filled story - complete with a notable ending you may or may not have seen coming. An engaging read.
Bloom's Desk is an engrossing thriller to read. With all of its surprising twists and turns Bloom's Desk is sure to keep you turning pages well into the night.

         Reviewer: Connie Harris
         TCM Reviews