Odd Jobs

General Fiction

By Ben Lieberman

Publisher : Telemachus Press

ABOUT Ben Lieberman

Ben Lieberman
BEN LIEBERMAN is a bond trader who earned a B.S. in Journalism from the University of Maryland and then further developed his writing skills through courses at Columbia University, NYU and writers workshops. Odd Jobs earned Lieberman the Tommy Award from Writers News Weekly. He lives in More...



College student Kevin Davenport is working any and every odd job to make it through school.  He discovers who killed his father while working at the corrupt, mob-controlled, Kosher World Meat factory.  Now he will stop at nothing to prevent the killers from ruining other families and to get his revenge.  Going to the police and conventional methods have not only been ineffective for others, but has proven to be virtual suicide for them.  So all bets are off and Davenport uses the grittiest and strangest tools to bring down the killers.  The characters, misadventures and odd jobs will have the readers laughing, but the hazard is real and Davenport is in over his head.

As someone in the workforce for over 20 years, I noticed how so many people have strange jobs in their past. Whether it was digging graves, selling light bulbs or being a baby sitter for Lucifer we all got them. We can't believe we lived through it, but now we look back affectionately on the memories of what we lived through. These jobs are part of now. I thought it would be great to create a really good crime thriller and incorporate these strange jobs into the plot. The jobs are almost characters themselves. Its been a blast. When people are finished with the novel, they inevitably share their crazy jobs with me.

“Odd Jobs is tight-wound, well written mystery that I read in one sitting.”  - James Patterson

“A fun and enjoyable read,  I would love to get the main character, Kevin Davenport, as a project manager on my show.”  - Donald Trump