ABOUT Barry Crowther

Barry Crowther
Barry Crowther has made his home in San Clemente Southern California. Originally from Manchester England. He has had short stories published, this is his first novel on the eBook platform, it also available in paperback. 

He continues to work and write on the follow up novel in More...



An amoral violent Chicago enforcer is heading for the sun and ocean breeze of California to the get to the bottom of the recent suspicious death of his sister. He runs into his own kind as soon as the plane touches asphalt, and they don't appreciate him being around. Not content to let the police handle matters, he begins to follow a trail that leads to the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles and Orange County.
He encounters local gang members, a ruthless West Coast mob boss with his private army of mercenaries plus numerous "Hollywood" types. There are plenty of twists and turns until the grim truth is revealed and a rampage of retribution begins. No one in this novella gets a happy ending or an easy way out. When it's over you might want to reconsider that trip to Disneyland. The California State Tourism Board would prefer it if you didn't read this book. You've been warned.

"It's not his turf, it's not his problem, but now it's someone else's. Chicago Violence meets Disney and Hollywood head on as a Mob Enforcer searches the sun beaten streets of Orange County to find his sisters killer."