General Fiction, Humor

By Andrew Dambe

Publisher : Andrew Dambe

ABOUT Andrew Dambe

Andrew Dambe
Andrew Dambe is a freelance writer and author from Melbourne, Australia. Under his much longer (and somewhat unwieldy) 'real' name he writes and edits for several aviation periodicals and websites. His abiding passion for music and flamenco led to the name of Soleá for his first novel.



When flamenco guitarist Zach arrives home one morning to find the lower half of his upstairs neighbour dangling helplessly through his kitchen ceiling, he knows it’s going to be an unusual day. Recently free of a disastrous but passionate relationship with the charismatic (and violently bipolar) homoeopath and dancer 'Rags', the bizarre event marks the start of a zany but healing period in his life. The cantankerous, overweight neighbour Archie, the mischievous Syrian Ghassan called in to renovate the floors in Zach and Archie's quirky building - interact hilariously with those who enter the next phase of Zach's life.

Beginning with a chance meeting between three vibrantly different individuals on a journey through Outback Australia, Soleá tells the harrowing but darkly funny story of the breakdown of Zach and Rags' relationship back in the city. 

Turning to the Internet in the hopes of restarting his flagging love life, Zach hopes to find The One to replace the sides of Rags he still loves. But as he prepares for his part in an upcoming flamenco show, his search will take him in some wildly unexpected directions…

A humorous look at Internet dating, troubled relationships, and the colourful world of flamenco, Soleá is also a compelling romance that will keep you guessing till the end.