Shining in Crimson (Empire of Blood book 1)

Shining in Crimson (Empire of Blood book 1)

ABOUT Robert S. Wilson

Robert S. Wilson
Robert S. Wilson is the author of several works of dark fiction including the novella The Quiet and his debut novel, Shining in Crimson, the first book in his dystopian vampire series Empire of Blood in which his vampires aren't affected by religious relics, don't become romantically invol More...


"A big-scale vampire thriller that changes the rules."--Scott Nicholson, They Hunger

Set in a post apocalyptic religiously-demented American Empire, the city of Las Vegas is no longer a city of sin. Now called Necropolis, it is a city that eats sin. The vampires of Necropolis wait patiently for the Empire's weekly drop off of guilty Penitents; sinners and criminals full of fresh blood.

Hank Evans is one of those Penitents and he would gladly let the vampires take every drop of his blood if it weren’t for one detail: Toby. Toby is Hank’s only son. Now, Hank must do whatever it takes to escape the city of the dead and save his son from an Empire as bloodthirsty as the vampires it uses to keep its people in line.

Episodes 1 and 2 of the free audio serial of Shining in Crimson are up for streaming or download. You can also pre-order ebook, paperback, and hardcover copies of the book as well. Just go to