Changing Faces (Haven New Jersey Series #1)

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Nancy Beck

Publisher : March Winds Publishing

ABOUT Nancy Beck

Nancy Beck


A woman with an unusual magical power, eking out a living.
A guy with biceps that won’t quit, living alone.
And a guy with a face shaded in mist, living with a secret.

Being magical isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Just ask Tessa Palmisano. With her unusual power to cleanse dark, malevolent auras from buildings, Tessa starts a fledgling investigative business to bring in extra money; after all, living in New Jersey ain’t cheap.

When her landlady offers to dismiss her back rent in exchange for cleansing a house down the street, Tessa didn’t know sexy and mysterious Bertrand Gaston would be thrown in with the deal.

Tessa confronts Jim, the owner and landlord of the house, about the auras entwining his building. She’s freaked at the gray mist shading his face; if Tessa wasn’t magical, she’d run. But Tessa isn’t ready to admit defeat, despite the time needed to unravel the entwined energies - time she does not have.

If the entwined auras stay in place, the wicked energies will bind to the house, inflicting murderous or suicidal thoughts on those inside – sexy Bert and weirdo Jim.

Can she do the job without getting killed?

I had always wanted to write a fantasy story about the small town my husband and I live in. Well, it's a small town by New Jersey standards - less than 1,000 people. Plus, there are a lot of characters in this town. From those characters and basic idea, I developed a fantasy series.