Apocalyptic Organ Grinder

Apocalyptic Organ Grinder

ABOUT William Todd Rose

William Todd Rose
I am a dark fiction author currently residing in Parkersburg, WV with my wonderful wife and son.  My short stories have appeared in a variety of magazines and anthologies.  To date, my published novels and novellas include Shadow of the Woodpile, Cry Havoc, Shut the Fuck Up and Die!, Sex More...



Enter a post-apocalyptic world where the cities of man are crumbling necropolises left to the ravages of time and nature, burgeoning settlements cling to life, and the remnants of humanity exist as two disparate cultures locked in a waltz of survival and death. Into this world comes Tanner Kline, a man charged with protecting his community from Spewers, a primitive tribe whose bloodline carries the vestiges of the virus which pushed mankind to the brink of existinction. On what should have been a routine patrol, his path crosses with Lila, a proud huntress whose heart simmers with resentment for the men who killed her husband. Men like Tanner Kline. Together, they spiral onto a collision course with an unertain future where their individual destinies and the fates of their respective cultures hang in the balance.

When writing Apocalyptic Organ Grinder, it was very important to me that I stay impartial between the characters. The premise behind the tale is that everyone has some sort of reason for the actions they take ... even of the most horrific of actions. In this case, I wanted to explore how societal roles can help dictate courses of action.

"This extremely dark novella is disturbing. Yet, it's a fascinating kind of disturbing that is hard to stop reading. The way the two cultures in the story are presented is a strange but believable variation of the usual post-apocalyptic theme and the the plot is situated in such a way that there are no "good guys" or "bad guys"- there's just a bunch of miserable people trying to survive. I found that this book had one of the best endings I've read in a long time. This is worth taking a look at." ~Jeremy Stephens (aka The Book N00B)