Sex in the Time of Zombies

Science Fiction & Fantasy, General Fiction

By William Todd Rose

Publisher : Living Dead Press

Sex in the Time of Zombies

ABOUT William Todd Rose

William Todd Rose
I am a dark fiction author currently residing in Parkersburg, WV with my wonderful wife and son.  My short stories have appeared in a variety of magazines and anthologies.  To date, my published novels and novellas include Shadow of the Woodpile, Cry Havoc, Shut the Fuck Up and Die!, Sex More...



Even in a world filled with the living dead, sex exists.

A stripper hell-bent on survival faces off against the living dead in a no-holds barred dance of death.

A lone soldier, separated from his unit, finds that the ghosts of his past may very well be more dangerous than a hotel overrun with zombified furries.

A boy faces his inner demons, ready to do anything to be accepted by his peers.

A woman, captured by slavers, finds out there are worse horrors than the walking dead.

From the first day of the undead apocalypse to points far in the future, this book explores the roles sex and sexuality play in determining survival.

Sex . . . zombies. . . let the infection begin.

Sex in the Time of Zombies originally started as a free download for my fans. Within months, this collection of stories had been downloaded thousands of times from 46 different countries. Eventually, it caught the attention of Living Dead Press who acquired the rights for a print version, which included a bonus story not included in the original collection.

"SEX IN THE TIME OF ZOMBIES by William Todd Rose features seven tales set during various stages of the zombie apocalypse, from the first bite of brains (Dancing with the Dead) to the thriving pulse of a reborn civilization (Skinning the Freshy). Rose does an excellent job of conveying atmosphere and portraying a wide variety of situations involving entire cities, close-knit groups of people, individuals on the brink of madness and burgeoning communities. In most cases, the zombies aren't even the greatest threat. Standouts from this collection include `Hips,' about one woman's crusade against a brutal method of perpetuating the human race, `Tiffany Shepis and the Fanboy of the Apocalypse,' about a man's obsession with a scream queen and `Food Whore,' which is about precisely what you might imagine it's about" ~ Lincoln Crisler, author

I got this book on Nook and I was not really expecting anything that great. In fact, while the undead are cool and all that, I am not a particular fan of zombies because of how overdone they are. This book was a fresh look at the world post-zombie through the lens of sexuality and it was amazingly done! I would definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a good thought-provoking read" ~ customer review,

""There isn't a bad story here . . . I highly recommend Sex in the Time of Zombies to any horror fan." ~ Colleen Wanglund, The Horror Fiction Review

"This is an excellent take on the zombie mythology, the writing is top notch, and I was thrilled from start to finish." ~Carl Hose, author of Dead Rising

"I found "Sex in the Time of Zombies" to be interesting, thought provoking, exciting, suspenseful, and at times, moving. The author does a great job providing a varied mix of scenarios, styles, and voices. (In fact, the voice and style is so varied between stories, that I was impressed that the collection was by one author as opposed to an edited compendium.) I enjoyed the transition of time throughout the stories and how we get glimpses of the societal change as time progresses. The transitions are very nuanced and conveyed through dialogue and atmosphere rather than starkly stated. One last thing... If you are concerned about the title, cover image, or content, I can tell you that this collection is not graphic or in your face. Rather, the author uses various aspects and degrees of sexuality as a theme which interweaves the stories together." Barnes and Noble customer review