Remember Me With Love..Caylee message to little boys and girls

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By Sala-d Malcolm

Publisher : Createspace

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Sala-d Malcolm
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If caylee could speak to us now this is probably what she would have to say. This is her message to boys and girls all over the world.We have heard all that has been said in the media. We heard what took place in the Orlando Courtroom. In the end Casey Anthony was found not guilty of murdering her little girl Caylee........This book is dedicated to the memory of millions of little children who are killed each year all over the world. Each and every day innocent children are murdered. Many times they are killed by the ones that they love and trust the most. How can a parent or family member or for that matter anyone at all take the life of an innocent little child? May these young souls be able to find eternal peace.

Keeping the memory of Caylee Anthony alive at a level that children can relate with.

South Florida Author Sala-d Malcolm releases new children's book in the voice of the late Caylee Marie Anthony.If Caylee's spirit could speak to us now, what would she have to say to us? Would she want us to continue being angry about what happened to her or to forgive? This book speaks directly to children as Caylee tells them about what life used to be like for her, where she is now and what she is going through. It is a great book for children to learn the importance of love. The book which is called Remember Me With Love.....Caylee message to little boys and girls is available on Amazon in both paper and digital formats.This book attempts to take the focus off the mother who was recently found not guilty of Caylee's murder. It gives us a chance to see what this beautiful little girl was like. It will also help little kids who might not have been able to understand the whole discussion from a grown up point of view to now meet caylee at their level.This book is most suitable for ages two to about five years old.However the message that it delivers is universal and can be appreciated by people of any age.Sala-d Malcolm decided that after listening to and watching all the reports relating to the murder of little Caylee Anthony he wanted to write something that was aimed at Caylee's peers so that they could better understand the stories.According to him he hopes that kids who might have been traumatized by what they heard about the Caylee Anthony case will be able to get some kind of healing by reading this book. It is a small easy to read book with only thirty two pages...Pemmar Scanner