ABOUT Michael Benson

Michael Benson
Michael E. Benson was born in a small coal mining town in Kansas.  He moved to the deserts of Utah when he was twelve and there he learned to hunt and to survive in the wilderness. It was there he also learned of his affinity with horses. Later, his parents moved to Kansas City. After hig More...



When Rob Stuart's wife Jo dies from cancer he is left broken and disconsolate.  Nothing, it seems, can jar him from his grief.  Nothing, that is, but the sound of Jo's voice which he hears as he follows a complex set of instructions she left for him in regard to the spreading of her ashes.  Is it really her, or is it only a figment of his imagination?

This book began as a game we played in the car. Pretend I've just escaped from prison and I call you. I know the authorities are listening and I have to give you a clue to a place we can meet that only you would know. From that game came the basic plot of the story.