A Reel Cool Summer

Children's Books

By Martha Rodriguez

Publisher : Read To Me Publishing, LLC

ABOUT Martha Rodriguez

Martha Rodriguez
I am a wife and mom to the real Joey, Danny and Jacqui who appear in my first self-published picture book, A Reel Cool Summer.  I have written two other books that are available for the Kindle: Smell My Feet! 10 Seriously Silly and Sweet Short Stories for Squirts What About Barnaby? A G More...


It's the hottest, most boring day of summer vacation! It's so hot and boring, it feels like you're in a mall that's made of really, really hot lava! Confused? That's okay. It will all make sense once you meet Joey, Danny and Jacqui.

Will the three siblings find a way to cool down? Can they turn this boring day around? Will aliens take over the world? Wait... What?

A Reel Cool Summer has all the ingredients for a great movie adventure: a pirate, a princess, a prize and a pig (well, two pigs... well, actually, two guinea pigs)!

Leanne McGinty, Ahgoo Review
"What could be more original than a story about princesses, pirates and aliens? Very little, which is why I ranked this as a 4 [out of 5]. It was a love recap of a day in the life of children and I think children everywhere will relate to this book."

Janette Fuller, JanetteFuller.com
"I really like the theme of this book. Children should be encouraged to use their imaginations and explore creative outlets."