Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction

By Dennis Napier

Publisher : D. Warren Napier

ABOUT Dennis Napier

Dennis Napier
This is my first book published as an author, but have written three books.  I  am a retired military officer and have worked in commercial logistics for many years.  I have an MS in Hospital Administration from Central Michigan University.  My main hobbies, besides writing,  are hiki More...


Darkly dramatic, Misandrist byD. Warren Napier is a disquieting first novel that shows what an evil woman can do when she’s bent on hatred and revenge. Steve Washborn and Janice Wright’s love isn’t written in the stars; it’s the sort of love that’s obligated and responsible. Their “love story” begins when Janice becomes pregnant and Steve decides, against his father’s advice, to do the “right” thing. There’s little doubt that the young couple’s future isn’t exactly bright, but Steve has a good job and both would-be lovers are over the moon for their young son. The thing that haunts the couple won’t be easy for readers to put their finger on, but that there’s more to Janice’s past then meets the eye. With Janice’s mother constantly biting at Steve’s heels—if not actually physically walloping him over the head, Steve must also watch his back when it comes to Janice’s brother who has a few bad habits—twisted tendencies like throwing baby kittens into the blades of the lawnmower. All roads lead to salvation, as Steve begins to put the pieces together about Janice’s father’s suicide and what control his mother-in-law ultimately holds over his life—and his children’s.