Five Dances with Death: Dance One

Five Dances with Death: Dance One

ABOUT Austin Briggs

Austin Briggs
Austin Briggs has spent over 10 years researching the history of the Aztec Empire and the Spanish Conquest to create his fascinating historical fiction series - even going so far as to experience some of the traditional magical rites of ancient Mexica himself. 
He has always been fas More...


Death is never far for Angry Wasp.

His daughter lost to slavers, his wife immersed in powerful sorcery and his nation embroiled in Montezuma’s bitter war and under threat of encroaching Spanish invasion, Angry Wasp faces the battle of a lifetime.

To regain his family, save his nation from extinction and protect his very soul from dangers far more perilous than he dares admit, there is only one possible solution: a dance with Death, to the haunting melody of hope and loss.

Power, tragedy, and betrayal weave a desperate song of reckless gambles to gain salvation, with every battle drawing Wasp deeper into life-threatening events and crucial choices. One wrong decision... and he loses it all.

When the music ceases and the dead are counted, will Angry Wasp hold the key to his daughter's freedom? Or will he have led his proud nation to its ultimate collapse...

“Genuine depth.” Marc D. Baldwin, PhD,

“The writing is good and the story is fun... An amazing imagination. This book truly is excellent.” Arnold Friedman, Editor.

“A fresh and welcome change. Fluent, warm, and engaging writing... draws the reader into Wasp’s heart from the moment the story opens.” William Greenleaf, author of The Tartarus Incident and The Pandora Stone.