The Rise and Fall of a Hustler II

ABOUT Winter Giovanni

Winter Giovanni
Ms. Giovanni is Founder and CEO of Infinity Publications.  She is best selling author of "The Rise and Fall of a Hustler" and has written four books to date and currently working on fifth novel.


Vengeance is mine said the Lord...but tell that to Mercedes who's facing the trial of her life! She was indicted on eleven counts of 1st degree murder of a federal agent, conspiracy to commit murder, money laundering, and wire fraud, to distribution of cocaine! And what makes this so bad, she's going through this bullshit solo! Rico is ghost! Her trial is coming up and she knows when you're indicted by the Feds, you're going down!  
Mercedes plan the ultimate payback but when it explodes in her face, including dying twice on the operating table, who is she gonna turn to? A surprise from her past charges in to aid her in her new Master Plan and what makes it so sweet; he doesn't have anything to lose! Mercedes began her plot of death and destruction but to only be torn between the two people that she cares for most in her life besides her children. But when bodies quickly began piling up around her, all fingers and leads began pointing to her.  
Mercedes then finds that anyone can be bought for the right price then quickly learns that no one can be trusted. Not even her own momma!  
"Mercedes is back and with a vengeance!" -Daily Press, VA 
"Winter has done it again! This is another page flipping saga of mystery, betrayal, deceit and murder. You will not want to put this book down!" -Victor L. Martin (Triple Crown Publications) and Essence Best Selling Author-Ménage's Way and Hood Legend

“The Rise and Fall of a Hustler II…They Call It a Come Back is a page flipping saga of mystery, betrayal, deceit and murder.  Ms. Giovanni puts explosive twists and turns on sweet revenge of payback.  You will not want to put this book down!”

-Victor L. Martin, Essence Best Selling Author-Ménage’s Way and Hood Legend