Legend Unborn. The Key of Souls Book 1

ABOUT David Welsh

David Welsh
Having picked up the Hobbit at the age of seven, I was hooked on fantasy novels and vowed to write my own. Ok, so it only took 30 years but I finally did it! My background is in Virtual Reality and I spent a good deal of time working in this field when i’d decided it was time to move More...


Trapped for eons, a living legend has coerced and manipulated life in a desperate bid to break out of its unjust imprisonment. But the hope of attaining this goal falls into the incapable hands of Silvanus, a newly created god with a broken leg, Taff, a powerful young wizard who is yet to cast a successful spell, and Flyfar, a young eagle afraid of heights. And to think, heroes were once the kind you could actually rely on.

Drawn to the power of the legend, the powerful sorcerer, Dargalore, returns after centuries of self-exile to claim what he believes is rightly his. Allied with dark gods that corrupt the souls of the innocent, the world waits with trepidation as the makings of a terrible war unfold that threaten to devour all.

The Key of Souls tells of the great quests undertaken by Silvanus, Taff and Flyfar as they struggle in a world where friendships are scarce, but suffering is plenty amongst the fear of the growing, cold darkness.

This book is based on the underdog. I've always loved reading about people and animals which make it through some scary situation. This always resonated with me, so I decided to incorporate this into the book. The heroes in Legend Unborn are courageous but flawed and this gave me the opportunity to inject some humor into the novel. The other aspect I wanted to focus on was the 'fantasy'. When I used to read fantasy novels as a child (and even now), I was always somewhat disappointed because whenever a wizard would cast a spell, they would be weakened or when they did cast it, the effect was somewhat 'limited'. So I wanted to create a world where the battles were extravagant and spells would really knock your socks off!

"The one thing I can say about this book is that it's fun! It has a good plot, nice pace and some really great action pieces. But it's also a fantasy novel with "balls", shall we say. When these characters battle, they go all out."
J.Edwards (Amazon.com)

"From the start we are introduced to the characters in such a light-hearted, upbeat way that it's impossible not to want to know how their lives develop along the way. And the author has created a fantastic world to place them all in, as well as capture our imaginations. "

Carl (Amazon.co.uk)

"This book is a must!Think of it as Robert Graves and a light touch of Terry Pratchett; BUT make NO mistake, this is a fresh new talent - if this is Mr Welsh's first attempt, then this guy is one to watch. Bravo sir! "

Euron (Amazon.co.uk)