Hollywood Office Temp

General Fiction

By Lisa Maliga

Publisher : Hit the Wall Press

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Lisa Maliga
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Chris Yarborough is a Midwesterner as green as the corn back home in Ohio. This former bookstore employee moves out to Los Angeles to pursue a profitable career in screenwriting.

Without an instant script sale, she stumbles upon an ad that reads: TYPE YOUR WAY TO THE STARS! The company is in a prestigious Century City high rise and she works there until the company closes. Out of work, her career as a temp is launched.

Chris temps in an East L.A. warehouse where the elderly owner is carried to her office to downtown where she discovers Banksluts, Inc. Other jobs in studios bring her in contact with famous actors. She learns that as a temp, she is the maid of the secretarial world. One employer says, "If you don't want to use her you can send her away."

As she searches for a literary agent and that elusive script sale, Chris encounters an array of unusual characters. A partying apartment manager, an important film director who could launch her career, a lawyer with an office furnished in kindergarten motif, and several household names. Sometimes working in the entertainment biz, including stints at Playboy, Universal Studios and Warner Bros., to jobs in unrelated fields, the plucky screenwriter perseveres.

HOLLYWOOD OFFICE TEMP is written in diary format. We are shown the excesses of the 1990's as a nobody tries to become a somebody in Hollywood.

Although I've written a little about Hollywood in NOTES FROM NADIR, the majority of the book takes place far, far away from the proverbial glitter and glitz of Hollywood. What really happened in Hollywood? How long was I out there? Did I work in the entertainment industry? Did I meet lots of celebrities? Some answers. I originally wrote HOLLYWOOD OFFICE TEMP [H.O.T.] many years ago. This book is partially based on my years working in and out of the wonderful world of showbiz. My character, Chris Yarborough, is just that, someone who might have a few similarities to me. This book is based on people I met in Lalaland, I have also incorporated other peoples' stories to make this a better read. Some of the characters names have been changed to protect the innocent … and the guilty.