Unfaithful Confessions Revealed "A Step-By-Step Guide On How To: Crack The Cheater's Code"

General Fiction, Young Adult, Family & Relationships

By Jay Staten

Publisher : Jay's Administration

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jay staten
Author/Publisher/Producer, of erotica titles such as, "Burning Bridges" (The Novel) and "Daddy's Sex Chronicles- Volume I & II" (The Novels and DVD's).Join Me On Facebook:(www.facebook.com/jeromestaten)



Across the nation, right at this very moment, someone's involved in a relationship/marriage, where as though their partner is being unfaithful. These deceitful acts can occur in various places; at hotels, in a vehicle, within the work place and on some occasions, right within your very home. You have a gut feeling that your companion is sexually involved with someone else outside of the marriage/relationship, but, you haven't exposed it yet.

Within this book, you'll be provided with Exclusive Information that'll assist you with being able to 'Crack The Cheater's Code'. The Red Flag signs to look for are being revealed, Real-Life actual events are being shared, In Depth Details are provided about different STDs/STIs thecheating spouse may be transmitting if protection isn't being used and, the Daunting Affect all of these dreadful circumstances has on the child/children that are involved is being told. 

You'll also get a better understanding of the 5 stages of emotions you'll experience after the relationship/marriage has ended, combined with a 6 stage process that'll assist you with getting your life back on track and moving on with your life after going through these heart-wrenching events.

Combine your life experiences with the knowledge provided in this book, enabling yourself to become wiser on relationship choices, eliminating any unnecessary drama that really isn't needed.


Unfaithful Confessions Revealed: "A Step-By-Step Guide On How To: Crack The Cheater's Code" is a rare glimpse into the mind, from a male's perspective, of the key 'Red Flag Signs' to look for in a cheating spouse. Within this title, you'll find out exactly what these signs are that you are to observe in an unfaithful companion, in depth detail about different STDs/STIs the cheating spouse may be transmitting if protection isn't being used, the affect all of these circumstances has on the child/children whom are involved and, a whole lot more info.