Remedy (A story of Aligare)

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Heidi C. Vlach

Publisher : Heidi C. Vlach

ABOUT Heidi C. Vlach

Heidi C. Vlach



Peregrine wishes he could set Tillian free. But he is an aging dragon deafened by his mining career -- he needs his keen-eared adoptive daughter to relay the world to him. Their two lives are knotted together by love, custom and Peregrine's self-induced weakness.

When a dreaded plague menaces the land, Peregrine has no more time to delay his choice. He must fly for supplies on weakened wings, while Tillian nurses critically ill strangers. Separated for the first time in Tillian's life, they will work for the same cause: saving the young mage Rose and her dying village. In light of this mission of mercy, Peregrine decides to leave his selfish ways behind -- which means leaving Tillian, whether she wants to live for herself or not.

I've always found humans the least interesting species in fantasy stories -- but markedly non-human beings are often treated like scenery, vehicles or cutesy "talking animals". I disagree with this standard. I don't think a story needs a human action hero in order to be a valid story. I think maturity is more than just violence and backstabbing. The Aligare series is my attempt to break away from overused fantasy formulas, and I hope others will enjoy the results.

"Ultimately what made me love Remedy so much was its optimism. Ms. Vlach has created a world where the people strive to do their best and make a better world for everyone. I don't just want to read stories set in this world, I want to live in it."

-- Aura Roy on