Yetzirah: The Pocket Worlds

Yetzirah: The Pocket Worlds

ABOUT Pam Bainbridge-Cowan

Pam Bainbridge-Cowan
Pam Bainbridge-Cowan is the author of Yetzirah: The Pocket Worlds - The Butterfly. Her short stories have appeared in Alien Skin, Argus, Space and Time, Visions, and have been read on OPB supported Golden Hours Radio. She is former editor of the speculative fiction magazine, Nanobison  More...


A 243 page, epic fantasy.

On her return from Yetzirah, the magical world she and her twin sister Elena first visited as children, Elise discovers something odd.  A butterfly has crossed the barrier between the worlds and come back with her, but this is no ordinary butterfly. This butterfly was crafted of silver wire and sapphires by one of the pocket wizards of Yetzirah. It should not have been able to cross the barrier, and it should not have been able to fly without magic, yet it has done both of these things.

This event, and other incidents which follow, lead Elise and her friends to believe that the barrier between our world and Yetzirah is weakening. If the barrier falls it would mean the end of both worlds. The only one who might be able to prevent it is the Queen. To reach her, Elise needs her sister's help, but will Elena help save a world in which she no longer believes?