A Deadly July

General Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers

By CKay Brooks

Publisher : C Kay Brooks

ABOUT CKay Brooks

CKay Brooks
Mostly General Fiction novelist with suspense and real life problems thrown in for good measure. Day job involves driving a tour-bus along the Pacific Northwest, and no, no one 'helps' me with my tire chains in the snow. 



“Wild by Nature!” is the county’s motto, but even locals are mystified at July's growing body count. Is it coincidence or something more sinister at work?  Thousands of visitors are expected for patriotic celebrations. Bears sniff out easy plunder and created havoc, but with the county’s death rate accelerating -- bears may be the least of the sheriff’s problems.

Young sheriff Beatty, a problem solver, has his skills  tested when he is thrust into one investigation after another. Newly wed, his adjustments at home create emotional chaos. His bride struggles to find her footing in his rural community. His confidence falters when he asks himself, “Is she keeping secrets or am I becoming paranoid?”

Fires, floods and murder make this book a non-stop page turner. Then, just when things couldn’t get any worse, they do.

Ripped from Headlines, the story continues. Can Sheriff Beatty discover the truth? Why does his new wife think the people working at the DMV are jackasses? What mystery develops in in the local forest near Yosemite National Park?