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Khyiah Angel
Khyiah is an Australian Author living in Sydney, New South Wales. She began her career as a teacher before moving on to other things. She worked for a Teacher’s Union and then the Australian Federal Government as a Senior Education Advisor in the Cybersafety Unit. All along she yearn More...



Have you ever sent a text message or email you wish you hadn't? Or posted something online you probably shouldn't have? Ever sexted? What if your friends dared you?

Sophie figured it was just a bit of fun and at a sleepover with the girls one night, she and her friends posted something on Mitch's facebook wall that inadvertently set into motion a chain of events that none of them could have predicted, or would ever forget!

Best friends Sophie and Tasha argue with ‘frenemies’ Brittany and Lauren on Facebook, and Mitch gets caught in the crossfire. His mates say he needs to suck it up and ignore the girls' crap. But when the crap gets Mitch suspended from school and impacts on his home life, how he reacts changes the course of all their friendships, and affects everyone in very different – and devastating ways.

Sophie and Mitch have been friends since kindergarten, but could their friendship survive the events of 'that' night?

Fake Profile is a novel about friendship and the way in which social media defines and dictates the interpersonal communication of young people in the 21st century.

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