The Cherry Blossom and The Parang

General Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers

By Geoff Anderson

Publisher : Ploughedfield Publishing

ABOUT Geoff Anderson

Geoff Anderson
I took up writing when serious illness curtailed my career as an International Management Consultant.
Words have become my passion along with my character whose imaginary lives take me places i can no longer go physically.
I live in a beautiful town in the Ochils in central Scotl More...



Darren Friday, an American driller struggling with culture shock, takes his first overseas posting in Sarawak on the edge of the tropical rain-forests of Borneo. Within days of arriving he encounters an enigmatic Chinese girl, falls foul of the violent local Triad head and uncovers political corruption. Fleeing to the jungle for sanctuary he meets Kirsty, a self-assured, gritty Glaswegian and through her champions the cause of the nomadic Penan tribe, fighting an unequal war with Timber barons to protect their security and way of life. Darren is forced to change, his beliefs and his attitudes to survive and protect those he grows to love.

The Cherry Blossom and the Parang is an environmental thriller.

i lived in Malaysia during the period of this book and witnessed a number of the relate events - it was a story I felt I had to tell.

Very interesting storyline with a cast of very varied characters. Many excellent descriptive sections on the country, indigenous people, jungle etc. A page turner!

Easy read with an interesting plot. Great descriptive scenes and engaging characters. Quite a hard book to put down as there is plenty of action going on and fascinating situations. Loved reading it on my new Kindle.