The Wanderer of New Hope A New Hope Valley Ghost Story

General Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers, History

By RT Crowley

Publisher : Peak City Publishing

ABOUT RT Crowley

RT Crowley
Bob Crowley is a writer, historian, actor, and businessman with worldwide experience in many fields, including having served as part of the US Delegation to the United Nations.  Having authored books on various facets of business, he has now turned his pen to fiction with “The Wanderer More...


The Wanderer of New Hope may be fact or it may simply be a part of the folklore of the Carolina Piedmont.

Folklore is difficult to analyze with most of the tales being word of mouth versions of local legends based upon everything from the sincere belief in witchcraft held by some valley settlers, to a need to entertain the children with an exciting yarn. 

Many of these tales could be the product of some overactive imagination or, just be exaggerations of perfectly ordinary events embellished over time in the telling.
Other stories are harder to explain away. Have you heard the story of The Wanderer of New Hope?

Crowley has written a fantastic read that, at its heart, is a ghost story that sends shivers up the spine. But the book also incorporates characters that are so alive they jump off the pages and romp around your imagination, even well after you've finished the book. Local history also is added to the book, only bringing that much more flavor to an already rich read. The illustrations are well-done, also.