Heroes of an Other Earth: Sorties in the Forties

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Dan Swanson
Author of heroic fiction.  Self-publisher. Certified Publishing Professional, Certified Product Manager, Award-winning Manager of Customer Support. eBook enthusiast and online learning specialist. Reader of comic books.

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Heroes of An Other Earth is a dynamic look into another reality, an alternate Earth where larger-than-life superhumans are more than just comic book characters.


It's the 1940s, and World War II is raging across the face of the Earth, with the Axis clashing against Allied Forces in Europe, Asia, and Africa. But in this reality, a host of non-human beings have taken a direct hand in human affairs: gods, demigods, demons, and extraterrestrials have lent extraordinary powers to people on both sides of the fight, while twisted criminal geniuses use their intellects to wreak their own kinds of super-powered havoc. Their epic battles are often literally earthshaking—and sometimes cataclysmic. Only the honor and sacrifice of the truly heroic, bravely holding the line against evil, stand between us and the darkness.