ABOUT Zach Fortier

Zach Fortier
I am the author of Curbchek and the upcoming Streetcreds. I have been a cop for over 28 years and these two books detail some of the experiences I had. I currently Live in Colorado with my wife(an amazing woman!) on a Mountain.



Curbchek is based on actual police cases handled by Zach Fortier. It is set on the streets of the inner city and covers Zach's career, detailing his transition from a "green" rookie out to help the public and make a difference to a jaded veteran. It is "law and order" uncensored.
"CurbChek" is a gritty, fictional account of actual calls that Zach was assigned to during a 28 year career as a police officer.  The novel is written in the style of a memoir and takes you into the day to day life of an officer on the streets.  They see the darker side that most of us, hopefully, never encounter.

We're shown the precinct politics and pecking orders that make an already difficult job even more complicated.  The cases span his career and illustrate the change in mindset from a rookie cop to a veteran on the force.  There's everything from domestic violence, drug gangs and drive-by's to prostitution and date rape.  Zach uses common sense and compassion with the criminals to defuse situations as opposed to escalating them with hotheaded heavy handedness.

"CurbChek" definitely gives you a greater appreciation for what our police officers encounter while keeping our communities safe.  It's a fascinating read and I recommend it to anyone interested in learning what it would be like to be on the ground fighting crime and keeping us safe. Review by Kates Reads.