A Majority of One

General Fiction

By Robert Lamb

Publisher : Red Letter Press

ABOUT Robert Lamb

Robert Lamb
I've published three novels novels and one collection of short stories and poems.My latest novel is A Majority of One, which is about book-banning and religious zealotry. The stories and poems collection is titled Six of One, Half Dozen of Another. 
Striking Out, my first novel, is  More...


When preachers in a rural Georgia town move to ban some classic American novels from the high school curriculum — and post the Ten Commandments in every classroom — only one person stands up to them: English teacher Anne Brady, an “outsider” from Atlanta who champions great literature (and the separation of Church and State). Refusing to “go along to get along,” she soon finds herself in a fight to save her job and reputation. For help, she turns to another outsider, lawyer Eugene Shapiro, who as the county’s only Jewish attorney knows all too well what his client is up against. By the time Anne’s struggle spills into court from a heated school-board meeting, the mood of the county points toward a legal lynching – or worse, as some of the more zealous defenders of the faith have drifted beyond the reach of law or reason. This novel is a powerful reminder that not all religious fanatics live in the Middle East. America has its own home-grown variety.

As a lover of literature and a champion of the separation of church and state, I am annoyed by the continuous efforts of this or that group, almost always religious in nature, to ban classic American novels from the classroom. One of their favorite targets? To Kill a Mockingbird. Imagine! Another favorite target? The Adventures of Hiuckleberry Finn. Both of these are great (and beloved) American novels and are as innocent of offensive content as the Bible itself, maybe less so. These censors comprise a social evil. I wrote the book to expose them for what they are: ignorant.

The book is so new (at this writing) that I;ve seen only two reviews: One called it a great book a must-read. The other was a rant from a Christian who came (further) unhinged upon reading the book. 

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