Lost in the Woods

Middle Grade, Humor, Children's Books

By Fun London

Publisher : Crackerjack Publishing

ABOUT Fun London

Fun London
Alfundo “Fun” London was born in Florence, Italy. His mother was a beautiful blonde tarantella dancer with an adventurous spirit. Much less is known of his father, a sailor who was lost in the stormy seas off the coast of Ithaca shortly after Fun was conceived. After spending his youth More...


Recipe for Lost in the Woods:

1. Start with equal parts Jungle Book and Wizard of Oz.
2. Stir in some Alice in Wonderland.
3. Season with fun.


Lost in the Woods is an entertaining tale of a young boy who struggles with life after his father is unexpectedly killed. A bump on the head sends him into a fantasy world of talking animals and whimsical characters who lead him on a journey to right himself. The story is full of humor and insight with an uplifting ending.

As a child I had the unfortunate opportunity to experience the sudden loss of a parent. I know first hand what kind of a trauma this can be and how hard it is for a child to understand and to readjust to the new circumstances. I remember spending a great deal of time out in the woods, trying to lose myself in nature. I only wish I had had the benefit of a fantasy like Lost in the Woods to help me sort things out in my life.

"Move over Lewis Carroll. Fun London is your newest competition. Lost in the Woods is an adventurous tale of a boy named Jack and his crazy encounters in a strange mysterious land full of talking creatures. From the very beginning, I could not stop reading. I had to know what was going to happen next. This book will keep you on the edge of your recliner with your Kindle in hand. Fun story from start to finish. The best part is, Fun London has written other stories that I can't wait to buy." S.Z., father, teacher, author

"…Fun London does talking animals well. Each creature Jack meets on his journey home had a different, unique voice. And not all of them actually spoke to get their voice across. And not all of them are friendly… But instead of having random enemies, Fun London makes sure that any and all foes have a personal and, more importantly, believable reason why they’re going after Jack. But it’s a forest-wide disaster that brings everyone together, friend and foe alike, in a bid to save their home. And maybe – just…just maybe – Jack learns something about himself along the way… ‘LOST IN THE WOODS’ is a brilliant, old-school fantasy story that will entertain and delight children of all ages." Dave Brett-Andrews, Children’s Author

"This is a witty, heartwarming story about a boy who has lost his way and gets help in an unexpected place. I loved the funny and unique animals and the parts they played in Jack's adventure. There was plenty of action and danger, no blood and guts. The ending is uplifting." Amazon Verified Customer Review