BACK FROM THE DEAD: the true sequel to Frankenstein

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Stuart Land
About Stuart Land I began writing while working as a sculptor in Los Angeles on many well-known films such as Aliens, Predator, The Abyss, Poltergeist 2, Beetlejuice, Independence Day, and many others. I was mentored in film directing by Jim Pasternak, Dov S-S Simens, and others, and ment More...



"I've now read Back To The Dead and, as I had hoped, the story works from beginning to end.  It's a great re-imagining of the Frankenstein story." Lawrence Konner (producer/writer - The Sopranos / Boardwalk Empire)


What if Mary Shelley's, FRANKENSTEIN, was really a true story?

BACK FROM THE DEAD: the true sequel to Frankenstein is a contemporary telling of the thought-to-be mythical creature. The story follows the account by Sergio Carerra, the scientist who revives the “monster” from a two-hundred year arctic freeze, and with his psychologist wife, Sophia, brings him into the family of man. The creature’s 1790’s Gothic sojourns reveal a unique perspective on the original story, why he survived, and the fate of his mate. How does present society see this formidable beast, so different than his movie counterpart, and how does he feel about his unwanted resurrection? 
Now that he’s back, others are interested in him, and they’ll do anything to get what they want.
This gripping novel transports a classic fictitious character into the modern world, culture and conscience. Within it's captivating pages, the author exposes the modern man for his monstrously hideous nature in contrast to his natural and timeless capacity for pure compassion. Our flaws, triumphs, aspirations, dignity and motivations are laid on the table before us and brilliantly dissected with a clear eye and a steady pen. It becomes easy to forget we are reading fiction as this tale comes to life in our hands. 

Benjamin Underwood Halstead

I must admit, it took a few weeks to get to it, but once I did, I was hooked. A continuation of Shelley's original, and yet considerably more. Fascinating for what does happen, what does not happen, and the play of good and evil in life. Well-drawn characters, great scenes, and mounting suspense ... what readers ought to be looking for.

M. Rothfeld

Stuart Land's book, Back from the Dead, is a book that I would recommend to other readers who are looking for a novel that is compelling, intriguing, and filled with adventure from the beginning to the end. The character’s personalities unfold in a way that I felt as if I was in a relationship with them. When the book began they were like new neighbors living next door. As I continued to get deeper into the story I got deeper into their hearts and souls. He brought the story together in a fashion that was unpredictable, keeping me awake at night.

K. K. Fisher

Grab this book before taking off for your summer vacation, and take along Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley's book, "Frankenstein", too. 

I just finished the book so the ending is fresh in my mind, and I'll share it with you. No, I'll not ruin the ending, but will say that little has separated us from the time of Shelley's writing 200 hundred years ago and what we must conclude today. As a society, we are still not ready to be creators, parents, yes, but creators of life, no. And in the world of cloning (sheep, why sheep when you can have so many so easily....) 

Now how the conclusion comes at you is why you should read this book. You will be hooked in the first chapter, which sets the stage of why you should believe what comes in the following chapters, and believe, you will. As chapters develop the plot, you will recognize the American society of today and why the conclusion is both surprising and not surprising. From the perspective of America today and the society we have built, this picture of life after resurrection is a tale to be understood. 

Krista Rector