Once Upon a Time in Venice

Children's Books

By Monique Roy

Publisher : iUniverse

Once Upon a Time in Venice

ABOUT Monique Roy

Monique Roy
Monique holds a degree in journalism from Southern Methodist University in Dallas and is the author of a children’s book Once Upon a Time in Venice and historical fiction novel Across Great Divides. In her free time, she loves to travel, play tennis, pursue her passion for writing, and r More...



Grandpa Leo is saddened by some devastating news and keeps it a secret from his only grandson, Samuelle. As Samuelle’s legal guardian, Grandpa Leo decides Venice, Italy would be the perfect place for a trip—and much more. Not only is Venice charming, but also Grandpa Leo’s roots stem back to this magical place. Once in Venice, they share many adventures, and Grandpa Leo stumbles upon someone special from his past. Meanwhile, Grandpa Leo struggles with when to break the news to Samuelle, but with Samuelle’s growing fondness for Venice and his new relatives and friends, the challenge may be a little easier to face. Eventually, Venice becomes a special place in their hearts, forever.

This little book shows so much depth and warmth about family and love.
Could taste the foods and smell the canals...loved that feeling of the book coming out of the pages.