The Chosen - Rise of The Darkness

ABOUT C. A. Milson

C. A. Milson
C.A.Milson was born in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. His father is British and his mother is Australian. Although his roots stem from Britain he also has roots in Germany.

Milson has written 26 short stories (and counting), 2 novels and is a guest contributing writer for Scho More...



Alex is "The One", well actually Alex Manning is a nice guy, with anxiety attacks who has visions. He doesn't know he is "The One" until he gets wrapped up in the investigation of a series of hauntings in a small town. Then he is drawn neck deep into battling demons, betrayed by fellow society members and maybe even falling in love again. From the time that the Darkness ruled the ages, The Ancient Ones prophesied of a time when the last descendant of The Gods would arise. Now, in the town of Winmont, the Ancient Legion has awoken to finish what was started many millennia ago. Now, the fate of humanity is in the hands of One, but can he overcome the forces that dare to challenge the bloodline of the Gods?