Little Men

ABOUT Ronnie Yax

Ronnie Yax
When I was young I used to hang around parks, drinking. I then discovered girls so I moved on to shopping centres. Not long after that I discovered I had a passion for waving brightly coloured sticks in dark rooms with loud music and pretend smoke. I am currently working as a stuntman but  More...



It is early 2001 and club culture is at the absolute peak of worldwide popularity. Sam Bradley, along with his friends and millions of others across the planet regularly drop ecstasy to dance, gurn and retch their way through a weekend.
But Sam has problems. He’s stuck in a dead-end job, out of money and his sex-life is non-existent. The local drug dealer and thug offers him work, but he is just using Sam as he attempts to break the stranglehold that his bosses have over the ecstasy trade in Britain.
Simon and Tony, it would seem, are legitimate businessmen running a successful record label. Having met at the very beginnings of the late 80s rave scene on the shores of Ibiza, they secretly control a criminal empire that has flooded the clubs with pills and made them both obscenely wealthy. And when Simon falls for the beautiful but devious and fame-hungry Kyla Andretti, someone Sam and his friends know all about, paths eventually cross and the quest for money, power and fame takes a sinister and murderous turn.

Little Men, for the first time fictionalises the actual events that led to ecstasy’s arrival in the UK and charts the highly criminal and dangerous global trade in drugs and the murky processes that happen in order to get the pills into the hands of end user.
The disturbing tale unfolds through the eyes of the drug users, dealers, traffickers and police. At times it is funny, always entertaining, and the suspense and intrigue lasts right up until the darkly terrifying ending.

I wanted to write a novel for a younger generation of readers (the ebook generation perhaps?). There has been no big-selling book on youth culture since The Beach and Trainspotting over 15 years ago! Club culture has been popular with young people for many years so I thought it was a perfect setting for a crime thriller/murder mystery, incorporating the good and bad aspects of the scene and some colourful characters. Many of the story strands are based on real events, I just invented characters and narrative to fit the plot, much like Mario Puzo did with The Godfather(He's my biggest inspiration). Some of it is based on my own experience, but not the crime though!